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Public Feedback on BURNCO

October 29, 2013

The Future of Howe Sound Society has reviewed each of the 460 comments that were posted on the BCEAO website during the Public Comment period that ended October 19th.  Comments were from a broad range of people, the majority believing that a gravel mine in Howe Sound is wrong, and the costs  far outweigh the benefits.

A few of the comments that reflect the common sentiment:

“ (Howe Sound) was always beautiful, but in the last few years it has become even more breathtaking. With the recent return of the dolphins and now this year the whales; the ocean seems to be teaming with life. This summer I saw large salmon leaping yards from the shore. Pods of seals feasting on some fish, while the surface of the ocean sparkled with life as the fish swim to the surface in the hopes of escaping being part of the main course. My heart actually swelled with joy and a sense of pride knowing that nature is coming back in all of its beautiful glory – although I have nothing to do with it. It’s just nature taking its rightful course when left alone by man.”

“It is a no-brainer” “Our treasured Howe Sound is our version of Lake Louise”.  “The governments are being very short-sited in not truly appreciating Howe Sound is a contiguous environmental area- and the consideration of any resource development without a comprehensive land-use plan would be egregious to all people of B.C. especially those in the HS area”.    Time for a Sound Decision”

Only five comments were in support of the proponent. Many comments revealed gaps in information and contradictory quotes by BURNCO senior management at the Open Houses.   The Future of Howe Sound Society and the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association submitted professional consultant’s reports detailing gaps in the draft Application Information Requirements.

The BCEAO will now review the comments and add additional information that will be required  from BURNCO.

Please share the link to the comments that are now on the BCEAO E-Pic site and encourage all decision makers to read the comments and realize the grave mistake it will be to allow this mine to proceed in Howe Sound.


2 Responses so far.

  1. Evelyne says:

    Living in Europe, I understand so well that people and animals are most happy being close to natural surroundings and clean views,
    I speak from the heart to please keep this part of the world in the top 10 of best places to live on this planet and leave this sound for as many people and animals to enjoy by designing it as a protected and beloved area for all future generations of the world to enjoy.

  2. Warn Noseworthy says:

    Howe Sound should be declared a National Heritage sight , protected for all future generations. It is unconceivable that any industry should be allowed to destroy such a natural treasure. Save Howe Sound now.

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