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Burnco Aug 2016

On July 18th, 2016, the BC Environmental Assessment Agency informed Burnco Rock Products that “EAO has concluded that the Application adequately reflects the requirements in the AIR and has decided to formally accept the Application for detailed review, once the Application has been resubmitted to the EAO with minor revisions, in accordance with feedback received during the screening evaluation period.”  The January 2016 Public Consultation and Communications Plan produced by Burnco outlines the expectations of the 45 day public comment period, commence August 15th.   Open Houses will take place in Squamish Sept 12th, Gibsons on Sept. 13 and West Vancouver Sept. 14.   The review period by the BCEAO and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency will run until the end of January 2017.

The first round of public comments that took place in 2013 resulted in revisions to the project design.   No amount of mitigation, management, compensation or monitoring will prevent this project from ruining beautiful McNab Valley and this part of Howe Sound.

Common view from McNab Creek homes. Elk will no longer graze this close to the proposed gravel mine.

Common view from McNab Creek homes. Elk will no longer graze this close to the proposed gravel mine.

The Federal and Provincial Environmental Assessment agencies will be cooperating on this review that is being assessed under the pre-2012 process.  The project is located in a very productive salmon bearing area and will require a permit from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in order to move forward.  DFO will be looking for “no net loss” of fish, but the revised Fisheries Act has altered how this is calculated, reducing the amount of compensation required. The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has a rezoning application from BURNCO, the rezoning to Industrial is required to allow for the processing of the rock on site.

BC  Environmental Assessment Agency considers the impacts on the social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts.  The Ministry of Mines under the current BC Liberal Minister Bill Bennett and Environment Minister Mary Pollack will be deciding if the economic benefits of mining the valley are in our best interest.

The full application and supporting documentation can be viewed on the BC Environmental Assessment Office and hard copies are available at various locations.   The public comment period runs from August 15th to September 28th.  Enter your comments directly to the BCEAO here.

Support is welcomed as we prepare to challenge this project, or sign this petition to Speak Out for the Recovery of Howe Sound



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  1. Eoin Finn says:

    A gravel mine destroying a salmon-bearing estuary? Not in my Howe Sound. Ever!

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