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McNab Valley Project Updates

November 10, 2014
Howe Dark

Howe Dark Glen Payan Artist

Artist Glen Payan

Activity is ongoing in the McNab Valley as the winter weather sets in.

Construction of the Box Canyon Run of the River 15 megawatt Hydro Project is well underway.  This project is a partnership with the Squamish Nation as reported in the Squamish Chief news this past August.    Local Howe Sound steward John Buchanan made a visit to the site October 14th before the big rains started this fall.  He reported and videoed some concerns about the measures in place to control the silt outfall.  John’s video report on the number of fish in McNab Creek is recorded on this YouTube video.  With the recent Mount Polley disaster, concerns like this need to be taken seriously.  The information was passed along through the channels and it appears measures are being taken to ensure erosion is prevented.  So far so good after the monsoon rains experienced in Howe Sound this fall.

Burnco Rock Products proposed gravel mine remains in the pre-application phase of the environmental assessment.  Since the company released its updated project description, the Sunshine Coast Regional District have notified parties concerned that the amended project plan of July 24, 2014 materially alters the original information presented to the public by the proponent, and they have requested the proponent be required to commence a public engagement process to inform the public of proposed changes.  They have also made several other recommendations at the October 9th board meeting that we are in support of.   Since the public comment period ended nearly eleven months ago, the public are still waiting for information regarding their many concerns, including a response to external consultant’s reports.   The company’s website references changes it is making based on the input and the status of the environmental process, but so far no mention of a public meeting to review these changes.  If you feel strongly this project should not go ahead and have not yet signed our on-line petition, please do.

Logging is ongoing in the valley.



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  1. Paul Kelly says:

    This pristine area does not need to be despoiled because a company decides it wants to make some money from our natural environment. There are gravel deposits that can be accessed a lot cheaper than this, with less environmental impact on a beautiful recreation area. I am also concerned for the fish and wildlife that this project threatens.

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