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“Anywhere else in the world, Howe Sound would be a great National Park”
Dr. Murray Newman, Former Executive Director – Vancouver Aquarium

Did you know that Howe Sound, the beautiful fjord right on Vancouver’s doorstep, is the proposed site of an open pit mine?

Tens of millions of dollars have been spent cleaning up Howe Sound after decades of industrial abuse. It has paid off with fish populations increasing and ongoing sightings of grey and killer whales and a large pod of dolphins which have “re-colonized the Sound.” But this recovery is at a fragile stage and Howe Sound remains largely unprotected, with no long term land use plan. Caught between many different political jurisdictions, the fragile ecosystem of Howe Sound is at risk.

Did you realize that an Alberta aggregate company, Burnco Rock products, is looking to destroy a portion of Howe Sound by stripping the McNab Creek river valley and creating a large scale open pit gravel mine and crushing facility on top of it? [Read our Fact Sheet].

Would you be surprised to hear that Burnco’s own consultants have identified 21 species that are on the Species at Risk list that will be negatively impacted by the open pit mine? [Read the list from Burnco’s Proposal here].

Burnco indicates that the destruction of this sensitive habitat will be very profitable for it and create 12 full time jobs. But at what cost?

The impact of the noise, light and air pollution and the ugly scar of an open pit mine in one of the most beautiful fjords in the world and a BC landmark on the Sea to Sky corridor, will be immense. The economic benefits to Burnco are evident, but the potentially negative economic impacts to other sectors are significant. It will damage BC’s multi-billion dollar tourism industry, as well as having a negative impact on the recreational and commercial fishers, tourism operators, boaters, recreational property owners and numerous children’s camps with, literally thousands of campers each year, that currently enjoy the ecosystem of Howe Sound. There is much potential in Howe Sound to continue to grow the tourism industry with significant economic multipliers that could accrue to the local economy. The area is used extensively by the movie and TV production sector for filming. Reindustrialisation would put this at risk and as taxpayers and residents we are not prepared to take this risk.

How You Can Help

We’re asking you to be an ambassador for all of the inhabitants of Howe Sound and to join us and speak out. Help us keep Howe Sound a celebrated place of beauty, and a place that will be appreciated by countless future generations.



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  1. Nicola Khan says:

    The Howe Sound is an incredibly important habitat and should be protected, from any industrialization that pozes serious threats to our eco system!

  2. Andrew Kuczynski says:

    Just to make money people would destroy ANYTHING . Howe sound is such a pristine and unique place.We have to defend it.Definite NO to this kind of destructive development .

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