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A proposal by Burnco Rock Products Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta for a large scale gravel mining and crushing facility to be located along the Northwest part of Howe Sound at McNab Creek is currently under review by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).

The project description anticipates that annual gravel extraction from the mine would be in the range of 1 to 1.6 million tonnes per annum with possible spikes to 4 million tonnes per annum. A 77 hectare pit would be mined to a depth of 55 metres, 45 metres below the water table. The development would also include a crushing plant and loading dock to accommodate large, heavy barge traffic. Further information about the project proposal can be viewed on the BC Environmental Assessment Office’s site: at

Howe Sound is only now recovering from the environmental damage and pollution caused by past mining and other industrial activities. Dolphins and whales are returning to Howe Sound for the first time in a generation and fish numbers are increasing. To now allow new industrial projects without a comprehensive land use plan would be short sighted and tragic.

Public participation is necessary to ensure that any review conducted through the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency goes beyond that and examines the overall impact on marine life, residents and users of Howe Sound.

Howe Sound is an area of staggering natural beauty. It is, among other things, a playground, transport route, fishery, tourism attraction and ocean wilderness in Vancouver’s backyard but it lacks stewardship and needs a long term integrated land and water use plan. This is the primary reasons why numerous communities and organizations have formed the Future of Howe Sound Society.

The aim of the Society is to protect the future of Howe Sound through the development of a comprehensive and holistic land and water use plan.

If you wish to be kept informed and to have your views heard, please click the link to the Society’s website and register for our news update.

We also ask that you forward this email to all of your friends, family and acquaintances who care about the future of Howe Sound and wish to be kept informed of this impactful project.


Future of Howe Sound Society


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