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Business in Vancouver reporter presents two points of view regarding the proposed Burnco gravel mine at McNab Creek.  It is assumed that gravel from the alluvial fan in the McNab Creek valley will be supplying the Metro Vancouver market and saving the environment!   What will this mean for other  gravel operations in the lower mainland and along the coast?

We understand Burnco currently purchases gravel from Orca Sand and Gravel that has a deep sea port in Port McNeill   The proximity of McNab Creek Valley will put Burnco in a cost advantage position over its competitors and intends to capture more of the local market.  Who profits?  It is certainly not going to be the environment, nor the Howe Sound Community. Job and business loss will result from the impact of  a noisy gravel mine in this pristine area of Howe Sound as well as reducing property values and driving recreation and film business from this area.

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