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One year ago, the Future of Howe Sound Society applied to the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency’s participant funding program. Funding was approved for the FHSS to participate in the environmental assessment review.

EA ProcessThe Society was advised in early March that the Environmental Assessment process is starting to progress on the Burnco project. The draft Application for Information Requirements has been reviewed by EAO/CEAA  and has been determined to be adequate for review by the Working Group.

EAO is just in the process of refreshing the Working Group before the draft AIR starts to be reviewed. After the Working Group has reviewed the draft AIR, planning would start for the public comment period/open house(s).

UPDATE:      FHSS anticipates the public comment period via a BCEAO Open House to begin in the May to June time period… we will keep you apprised and hope to see you there to express your views on the impact this mine is liable to have on the Howe Sound Region.



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