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Burnco Project Status

December 6, 2013

As 2013 draws to a close the same not be said for the Burnco Rock Products draft application for information requirements, phase one of the environmental review process. According to Gerry Hamblin, Project Assessment Manager of the BC Environmental Assessment Office, during the Public Comment Period just under 500 public comments were received.  Currently, the Burnco is organizing and preparing responses to those comments.  The B.C. Environmental Assessment Office will review the draft responses which will likely result in some back and forth between the EAO and Burnco and then the comments will be finalized.   Then it is up to Burnco to revise the draft Application Information Requirements by incorporating the applicable comments into that document.  EAO, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the Working Group will also have to review the draft AIR before it is finalized.   A firm timeframe is not know as far as when these steps will occur but right now it is at step number one where the Proponent is preparing responses to the public’s comments for EAO’s review.

On December 5th the BC EAO posted a notice that it has varied the procedural order for the environmental assessment of the proposed Burnco Aggregate Project.  This appears to be more specific as to which First Nations groups will be consulted in regards to the marine barging routes.



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  1. Marion Maxwell says:

    We DO NOT want this gravel pit in the Howe Sound. After the government spending millions of dolalrs to clean up the sound now you want to trash it again?! Surely there must be a less sensitive area for this project.

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