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April 2104 Burnco Burnco has revised its Application for Information Requirements which needed to address each of the comments received from the public back in October. According to the Project Lead at the BCEO, the working group appointed by the Province and First Nations had until the end of March to comment.  We could be seeing the revised draft application on the BCEAO website soon.  The next step is the actual report by Burnco that addresses each of the requirements and provides evidence that each of the environmental, social, economic and cultural concerns are addressed.   The public will then have 30 days to comment on these reports when the BCEAO makes the announcement.  Golder & Associates is the firm preparing the information on this project and likely a number of the other industrial proposals around Howe Sound.

BearResidents of McNab Creek witnessed the first bears of the season at the Creek on the shore of Howe Sound in early  April.  This may be a story the children of McNab Creek remember with fondness long after the bears have gone should this mine be allowed to proceed.



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