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EAO_EA_ Process_2013On December 16th, the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office approved Application Information Requirements/Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines for the proposed BURNCO Aggregate Project.   This is the final version of the document the public commented on over 14 months ago.

During the first public comment period to review the draft AIR, over 466 comments were posted to the BCEAO website.  Burnco’s responses to these comments are available for review.  If you commented, you may want to take the time to find your comment and review the response given.  The public comments on the Draft Application Information Requirements did result in changes being made to both the information requirements but to the project design as well.  The BCEAO also responded to public comments.   Burnco now has up to three years to submit its formal application.





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  1. Linda Wood says:

    I agree. We live in Squamish, own a boat and have spent countless hours on Howe Sound with our children and now grandchildren. We are members of Squamish and Thunderbird Yacht Clubs. We love and enjoy the peaceful beauty of Ekins point. Howe Sound is a jewel and is in recovery. Burnco proposal threatens fish, prawn nd crab habitat, as well as on shore wildlife. It threatens the peace and property values of the homeowners who have put their money, love and sweat into building their remote retreats. There is no shortage of gravel accessible in this area. A net gain of 8 jobs? For this? It is the wrong place and it is the wrong time for a mine in this location. Supporting Howe Sound’s recovery and promoting tourism and recreational boating promises opportunity for more than 8 jobs. I fully support the move to a Howe Sound management Plan.

  2. Bob Turner says:

    Thank you Future of Howe Sound Society for keeping us up to date on this mine proposal.
    This is just the wrong place for a mine.

    McNab Creek estuary is an ecological and recreational jewel.
    Take a look at our video

    Bob Turner

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