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BURNCO’s responses to 3,590 issues raised by the public during the comment period last summer, are now available online.  The BCEAO and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency are in the process of “writing their technical assessment report taking into consideration all of the information along with mitigations in the form of legally binding conditions.”   Another 30 day public comment period to review the conclusions will be held prior to the report being sent to the Ministers responsible for decision.  We anticipate the report being concluded mid-August.

During the summer of 2016 the public were invited to comment on the studies and information that supported BURNCO’s application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate.  Due to the amount of requests for information BURNCO requested a suspension of the 180 review period which was granted by the BCEAO.  The suspension period was lifted June 19th and responses to the public’s written comments can be found on the BCEAO website. Searching your name in the document should result in finding the written response.

Why are we still opposed?  Top Concerns:

Lose-Lose-Win Proposal– Only the proponent (BURNCO Rock Products) benefits in the long term from mining the delta in the McNab Valley they purchased in 2008.   Barging to BURNCO processing plants in the lower mainland will replace their current gravel supply barged from plentiful third party sources in Port McNeil, Jervis Inlet and Sechelt.  Royalties and taxes are minimal with no benefit to the immediate neighbors and local community, only loss.

Destroys peace and property values – Current zoning of the land does not allow for rock-crushing activity or any heavy industry. The project would be located between two mountains and close to the ocean – perfect acoustics for a rock concert.  The visual and noise impacts will ruin the natural capital of this area for property owners, recreation and tourism users.

Disturbance and disappearance of wildlife – Orcas, cougars, roosevelt elk, eagles, salmon, trout and many other species that currently visit the McNab Creek, the estuary and inhabit the valley will leave this area for the next three or more decades setting back the recovery of Howe Sound for many more.

What can you do?


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  1. Joan lemmers says:

    Howe Sound is a world class GEM . A playground for the city of Vancouver, . We have bus service and water taxis so all citizens have access . A noisy gravel mine ,and a clear cut mountain valley are not in the plan for a Marine Park … Mr Burn please. BURN the PLAN…

  2. Nicole Sims says:

    There’s no place for a gravel pit or mine of any kind on Howe Sound.

  3. Heather Woodall says:

    Let’s keep beautiful Howe Sound industry free. The Sound and the Salis Sea is worthy of World Heritage status.

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