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We have commented many times over the six years this process has been underway.  We need your help starting on October 27th when the assessment by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) is released and another 30 day comment period begins.  The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) releases its Comprehensive Study Report  December 4th and a 50 day comment period will run until January 22nd, 2018.

At the end of the comment periods, summaries of the public comments will be submitted with the assessment reports to the respective Ministers for decisions.  It is important the new NDP and Liberal Ministers know this project has NO social license.  We will be posting information as it is released.

For more information on the BURNCO EA projects refer here to:

BC Environmental Assessment Office and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Short video on the Canadian EA process here.

As a reminder of what is at risk:

Huge pink salmon returns were recorded in the McNab Creek in September.  Local steward John Buchanan shares his record:


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  1. kevin cafferky says:

    Thank you, this needs full support of all people, no hesitation. Look up on FACEBOOK, aerial discovery. This drone flies before, during and after clearcuts, exposing the real nature of the destruction to Nature. Concerned peoples of Sunshine Coast Community and myself purchased this drone and I am the pilot. This drone may be used for details, instructional, educational purposes for efforts such as yours. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should find a need for documentation. Kevin.

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