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Photo courtesy John Buchanan

Pink Salmon in Potlatch Creek 2013


Posted in A River Never Sleeps by Mark Hume

“Feast or Famine for Pacific Salmon. One year rivers on the West Coast of Canada seem to be empty of salmon, the next they are so full commercial boats are being allowed to drop their nets in the estuaries.

So what gives? Is there a shortage of salmon on the Pacific Coast, or a great abundance? The complicated answer – and there are no easy answers when it comes to salmon – is that both conditions often exist at the same time and in the same place.”

Photo Courtesy John Buchanan

Pink Salmon in McNab Creek 2013

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These 2013 results put the report by Golder & Associates for the BURNCO Aggregate Project Howe Sound into question.  The report is part of the assessment done by Golder which indicates …”less than 200 spawners…”1 when referring to the Salmon habitat in the area. Golder & Associates are contracted by BURNCO whose proposal is to remove “at least 30 million tonnes” of aggregate from the McNab Valley.

1. Report No. 11-1422-0046 Golder Associates “Project Description BURNCO Aggregate Project Howe Sound, BC”  p. 14

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