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The future of Howe Sound is in the good hands of the recently elected for the next four years.

The Howe Sound Community Forums take place twice a year and are opportunities for leaders to come together with First Nations members to share information in the spirit of cooperation.  While not a decision making body, consensus building takes place and information is taken back to Councils.  Beside the value of the networking, actions benefiting the region resulting from the forums in the past include:

The Sea to Sky Clean Air Committee; Calls for comprehensive land and marine use planning for Howe Sound, Cumulative Effects Assessment for Howe Sound region, support in principle for Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative and designation by UNESCO, Ocean Watch Task Force and the development of a Howe Sound marine reference guide.

Two of the longest serving Council members to be elected again – Alison Morse of Bowen Island and Bill Soprovich of West Vancouver were at the original signing of the Principles for Cooperation and formation of the Howe Sound Community Forum 18 years ago.  Their history of having attended these forums provides much-needed continuity.

Mayors elect who have been good supporters of the Howe Sound forums over previous terms include Mary Ann Booth, West Van; Karen Elliott,  Squamish; Gary Ander, Bowen Island; Jack Crompton,  Whistler; and Ron McLaughlin, Lions Bay.

Forum participants and hosts in the past who were elected to serve for another four years include:  Kate-Louise Stamford and Dan Rogers, Gambier Island Local Trust;  Tony Rainbow, Area D Squamish Lillooet Regional District;  Fred Bain, Lions Bay,  Nora Gambioli, Craig Cameron and Peter Lambur,  West Van, Sue Ellen Fast and Maureen Nicholson, Bowen Island; Stafford Lumley,  Gibsons; Jenn Ford and John Grills, Whistler.  Councillor Doug Race of Squamish is able to continue in his role as co-Chair with Trustee Stamford of the Ocean Watch Task Force formed out of the Howe Sound Community Forum.

Newly elected Council members who have been observers at the Forums in the past include: Sharon Thompson, West Van.; Eric Anderson and Chris Pettingill, Squamish; Mark Hiltz,  West Howe Sound, and Aleria Ladwig in her role with DFO now elected to Town of Gibsons.

Big thank to supporters leaving their roles: Maria Harris, Area A Metro Vancouver;  Heather Deal, City of Vancouver;  Ian Winn, West Howe Sound; Lorne Lewis, Frank Mauro, Garry Nohr, Sunshine Coast Regional District;  Jeremy Valleriott and Silas White, Town of Gibsons; Mayor Patricia Heintzman,  Squamish; Mayor Karl Buhr, Lions Bay; Mayor Michael Smith and Christine Cassidy, West Van; and Sue Maxwell, Whistler.

We look forward to meeting newly elected officials at the spring 2019 Howe Sound Community Forum.


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