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May 16th Update

May 16, 2013


Made contact with Greg Weary – Lions Bay resident who expressed interest in helping critique the environment assessment doc.  He is a Phd – consultant who works internationally on behalf of the Feds.  overseeing Cdn. projects.  He is home temporarily and will start reviewing the draft AIR on Monday. He will provide some highlights.

Connecting with Tom Rafael resident of West Van and Hood Point Bowen Island.  Wants to engage in Burnco issue. He is a lawyer (retired), former developer with passion.  His friend Bill Hayes, who is a well recognized engineer who is equally interested in participating and I’ve copied him. He is the type who, at times, prepares Burnco type applications.Wants to get involved with FHSS – awaiting call to discuss.  They requested background info, this give us motivation to do the document timeline feature Scott has been talking about for the website.

Talked with Scott about sorting and adding names to the e-news list.  Need to now focus on the contact lists and create an updated newsletter to send to those that missed the last news.

Met with 16 yr. old Courtney who is helping data enter the names of people that signed the hard copy petition.

Mgmt. Plan – Howe Sound:

Spoke with Ric Careless post election.  With Liberal majority best tactic he says is find influential people how want to protect Howe Sound and have them take the message to their Liberal contacts up high.  With Liberal in power chances to stop McNab were reduced, unless we find the right influential people.

Sent Randall Lewis copy of our constitution and asked for his help in creating the Terms of Reference and asked about mtg. with Chief and Council.

Spoke with Mayor Broughton in prep for her Metro Van presentation June 7th.  I will go with her.  Resolution to support Howe Sound Mgmt. plan sent to the Regional Planning & Agriculture Committee.

SOS Rally:

Working on social media and website content to start getting the message out.  Contacted local band to play at event, contacted Georgia Strait Alliance to help promote their Burgees, working with Lea and local Save Howe Sound on ideas for the event.  Contacting Squamish Nation to follow up on their involvement.

Forum follow up:

Wrote an article on the Forum for the Georgia Strait Alliance newsletter

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