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Help protect Howe Sound’s marine environment by making the call:

(if an emergency or posing immediate threat to public safety call 9-1-1)

Download the PDF here: Observe & Report #s. Oct 2018

People fishing where they shouldn’t? 

1 800 465-4336Fisheries and Oceans Canada Report a Fisheries violation.  ORR – Observe Report and Record

Spills in the water – actual or possible oil and other contaminants?

 1 800 889-8852 – Canadian Coast Guard Spill Reporting  Send photos to

Abandoned, derelict or vessel of concern with or without possible contaminants?

1 800 889-8852 – Canadian Coast Guard

Environmental violations that pose harm to eco-systems.

 1 877-952-7277 toll-free (or #7277 on a cellphone) –  Provincial Natural Resource Violation R.A.P.P.  Online reporting.  (Download the

BC Wildlife Federation App for future use)

Junk in the water that could be a navigation hazard?

250-627-3081 – Transport Canada Marine Communications , Ch 16 VHF

Marine Mammal in distress or boats too close?

1 800 465-4336, Ch 16 VHF –   Marine Mammal Incident Reporting Line – ORR, Observe, Report and Record

Sighting dolphins and whales?

1.866.I SAW ONE 1.866.472.9663 –   BC Cetaceans’ Network – Vancouver Aquarium.  Download the Whale Report App for Android or i-Tunes.

Recent media: DFO says keep the calls comingDFO office to stay in Squamish.

Current October, 2018. Numbers are subject to change.  If information has changed contact


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