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Directors of The Future of Howe Sound Society

  Ruth Simons, Executive Director – Ruth is passionate  about Howe Sound and the purpose of the Society – conservation and stewardship of Howe Sound for current and future generations.  A retired business executive, former Municipal Councillor and lifelong resident of the Howe Sound area, she has lived and raised her family in Lions Bay for the past 29 years.  Ruth is leading the initiative for Howe Sound to be designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.
 Bear Peter Finley, President – Peter is the President of the Douglas Bay Strata Corp. and the founder of the Society.   A practising lawyer with a great appreciation for the values of Howe Sound, he is committed to the objectives of the Society.  Peter spent summers at Camp Elphinstone in his youth and for the past 20 years he and his family spend their summers at Douglas Bay on Gambier Island.
 Kelly Grant Kelly Grant, Secretary – Kelly is the Howe Sound liaison for the Thunderbird Yacht Club.  Kelly works in the pharmaceutical industry research and spends her down time on her boat cruising from Bowen Island around Howe Sound. Kelly travelled extensively for work which increases her appreciation for the wilderness of Howe Sound and the peaceful retreat at the outstation behind Gambier Island.
  Scott Henshaw, Technical Director – Scott developed and has managed the Society’s website and social media since inception.  Scott has a background in computer science, telecom and interactive entertainment most recently with his own production company after a long run with Electronic Arts. Scott is currently teaching programming for games at Vancouver Film School.  Having a good appreciation of the importance of connecting with nature, he is working to preserve Howe Sound for the future of his three daughters who camp with family every summer on Gambier Island.
At Passage Island Troy Speedie – Troy is Chair of the McNab Strata Corporation, representing the Homeowner’s  at McNab Creek.  Troy was raised in the Howe Sound area and has been a witness to the changes in Howe sound over the past 30 years.  From his home at McNab Creek he has viewed many bears, cougars, elk and an abundance of wildlife.  Troy works for the District of West Vancouver
Peter Snell


Peter Snell – Peter is a Director and Trail Coordinator of the Gambier Island Conservancy.  His family own a cabin on Gambier Island near Ekins Point which they use throughout the year to explore Howe Sound.  Peter has a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies, and he practices Franchise Law at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP.  As a youth, Peter led canoe trips up to 36 days in length through Northern Ontario, Quebec and Minnesota.  His love of the outdoors was born in the lakes and forests of Ontario, and continues to this day from his adopted home in British Columbia.  Trivia: Peter was a camp counsellor in Algonquin Park, Ontario at the same camp that Pierre Trudeau and his three sons attended and Peter taught Ben Mulroney how to canoe.



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