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About The Future of Howe Sound Society


The Future of Howe Sound Society is committed to the conservation and stewardship of Howe Sound for the benefit of current and future generations.

The Society is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2011.  The Founding Members and Directors are volunteers representing organizations from around Howe Sound.    Since 2011 the Society has engaged many Howe Sound organizations with shared values for Howe Sound.  Together the coalition of organizations is working together towards the achievement of the Society’s objectives as defined in its constitution:

    • encourage community participation in developing  an  integrated  planning approach for the Howe Sound region involving local communities, First Nations, local, regional, provincial and federal governments and other interested parties;
    • provide a community forum for the discussion  of development and planning proposals in the Howe Sound region;
    • promote conservation practices and preservation of the environment in respect of future development in the Howe Sound region;
    • facilitate discussions between members of  the  Howe  Sound  community interests and First Nations, governmental  and regulatory   bodies  having jurisdiction over the Howe Sound region;
    • facilitate involvement of members of the Howe Sound community in matters affecting the Howe Sound region; and
    • serve as a liaison between members of the Howe Sound community and First Nations and various governmental and regulatory bodies or other interested parties in respect of matters impacting on the Howe Sound region.

Vision and Values

To achieve this overarching vision the society follows three guiding principles:

Environmental Conservation Economic Sustainability Livability
Howe Sound is a unique, wild environment bordering a significant urban centre. Our goal is to foster the ongoing resurgence of the natural marine and terrestrial environment in Howe Sound region. Howe Sound offers considerable potential for sustainable economic growth in sectors such as tourism, fishing & recreational pursuits. Fostering economic activity that is sympathetic to the wild nature of the Sound should be a keystone of any long term plan for the area. Metro Vancouver is one of the globally acknowledged “best places to live”. Our objective is to ensure Howe Sound is a place people will want to live and visit for generations to come.

The Society’s vision grew from a realization that there is no single, long term, land management plan covering the communities and waters of Howe Sound. Instead there is a patchwork of municipalities and communities each with their own plans, tied together only by their geography. There is a need to encourage communication and co-operation between these bodies in order to develop a regional vision for Howe Sound.

Howe Sound is only now recovering from a legacy of industrial misuse. The clean up and recovery has taken decades. The objective if the FHSS is to encourage the development of an integrated, sustainable land and water management plan for Howe Sound which takes into account the overlapping principles of environmental protection, livability and economic sustainability.

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