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In our March update you can learn about our work to remove derelict ships from Howe Sound.  Read about the latest update on the Burnco McNab Creek Mine proposal, and the upcoming Future of Howe Sound Forum.

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March 11-14, 2013.  Local news media interviewed spokesperson Jeff Gau on the Future of Howe Sound's position on the announcement of a proposed LNG plant for the old Woodfibre site near Squamish.

A comprehensive management plan for Howe Sound is needed to help guide decision-making in the face of “major” projects such as the liquefied natural gas facility that’s envisioned at Woodfibre, a local group says.

The Society was advised in early March that the Environmental Assessment process is starting to progress on the Burnco gravel mine project. The draft Application for Information Requirements has been reviewed by EAO/CEAA  and has been determined to be adequate for review by the Working Group.

Indonesian billionaire Sukanto Tanoto has bought an industrial site at Squamish in order to export liquefied natural gas. Pacific Oil & Gas, says it would use a deepwater port at the old Woodfibre pulp-mill site to operate what it calls a "small-scale" LNG facility. Natural gas would be liquefied for shipment in tankers to overseas markets.

We can help ensure the health of our marine life continues by participating in local stewardship programs.

Visitors that drive the Sea to Sky highway will be wondering why a scar is developing on the mountain side in Howe Sound, an area that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Funding is through the generosity of those that choose to donate or provide sponsorship.

The conclusions are disappointing as no solution is in sight but a recommendation to form yet more committees.

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