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John Weston is the MP for Howe Sound - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky Country and he is currently conducting a series of Town Hall meetings to gather your thoughts and opinions on a range of topics. Don't miss this opportunity to speak your mind on this incompatible land use and help us push for a comprehensive land use plan for the Howe Sound.

Residents, some of whom called for the company to pack up and get out of town, cited air quality concerns and the threat to the newly rejuvenated Howe Sound marine life as their chief objections. “It's only been in the last year or 18 months that we've seen dolphins in Howe Sound,” said Patrick Yearwood, a lawyer who owns property just south of the project.

Burnco Rock Products are planning to put a concrete aggregate mine at McNab Creek in the Howe Sound. On Wednesday May 23rd there is an opportunity for you to hear the latest developments from representatives from Burnco and have your views heard through a Q&A forum hosted by Islands Trust.

Its come to the attention of the society that there is a certain ex-ferry roped to the shores of the west side of anvil island. Either lost in a very large scale game of tag or attempting to drag Anvil island into deeper water. We think they are losing in either case.

(CEAA) has allocated a total of $44,250 to eight applicants to support their participation in the federal environmental assessment of the proposed BURNCO Aggregate Mine Project.

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