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Residents in Lions Bay have spotted them. People in West Vancouver and on Bowen Island are talking about them. Then there are the boaters who have watched them play out in the waves. Scientists are trying to figure out why the Pacific white-sided dolphins are back. But there's speculation it can be partly contributed to a small group of marine enthusiasts and a fish.

Howe Sound is a deep water fjord located northwest of Vancouver BC, Canada.    A stunning body of water separating the communities of West Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast.    It is bordered by Horseshoe Bay and Gibsons to the south, includes the outlet of the Cheakamus and Squamish Rivers to the north and is the home of many islands in between.

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The Future of Howe Sound Society is a group of area residents and organizations committed to the conservation and stewardship of Howe Sound for current and future generations through promoting community involvement and creating a comprehensive land use plan. Our members are located throughout the many islands and surrounding  areas of the Sound which in turn is located in the Sunshine Coast Forest District of British Columbia Canada.    The area encompasses […]

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