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LNG Tankers at WoodFibre

Woodfibre LNG Proposal

Background Howe Sound is one of the world’s most majestic outdoor playgrounds. An hour from Vancouver, orcas and dolphins arc alongside kayakers and commercial fishermen. Marine scientists study the unique underwater world. The Sea-to-Sky Highway `s breathtaking views are enjoyed by visitors from around the world. This paradise continues to be  under threat. Quick facts […]

Howe Sound Planning

Future of Howe Sound

Our objective is to encourage the development of an overall comprehensive management plan for Howe Sound that recognizes and protects the social, economic and cultural value of this natural and beautiful environment.


Derelict Ships – Finding Solutions

Over the last couple years we’ve started to really see a significant increase in the number of vessels, large and small abandoned to Howe Sound.   It seems that these ships are somehow not under any single jurisdiction.


BURNCO McNab Proposal

Burnco Rock Products proposes to build a large scale gravel mine at McNab Creek, smack in the middle of the Sound. They plan to dig a 77-hectare pit, build an onsite crushing and processing plant, and produce a minimum of one million tonnes of aggregate per year for 20 years. The project will create 12 jobs.

Emerging Issues

Emerging Issues

Deep in the fjords of Howe Sound there are many competing interests.   Each of these believe to have the best possible outcomes for the land and the people who live, work and play in Howe Sound and for the most part we get along very well.